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Common Name

Scientific Name

Nano Moss

Amblystegium serpens

Phoenix Moss
- US Fissidens

Fissidens fontanus

Phoenix Moss

Fissidens sp. from Singapore

Willow Moss

Frontinalis antipyretica

Mini Taiwan Moss

Isopterygium sp.

Stringy Moss

Leptodictyum riparium

Java Moss

Taxiphyllum barbieri

Flame Moss

Taxiphyllum sp.

Giant Moss

Taxiphyllum sp.

Green Sock Moss

Taxiphyllum sp.

Peacock Moss

Taxiphyllum sp.

Spiky Moss

Taxiphyllum sp.

String Moss (Japan Moss)

Taxiphyllum sp.

Taiwan Moss

Taxiphyllum alternans

Singapore Moss

Vesicularia dubyana

Weeping Moss

Vesicularia ferriei

Christmas Moss

Vesicularia montagnei
(Vesicularia dubyana var. abbreviata)

Erect Moss

Vesicularia reticulata

Creeping Moss

Vesicularia sp.


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