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Peacock Moss - Taxiphyllum sp.

Aquatic mosses can be considered to be the easiest aquatic plants to grow in the tank. In general, if you can keep Java Fern alive, you should have no problem keeping Java Moss and most of the aquatic moss.

I'll give a general guideline of growing aquatic moss here. For more detailed growing requirements, you could refer to the moss article written by Dennis Singh, or in the list of aquatic moss.

Weeping Moss - Vesicularia ferriei

Tank Size
Any tank size will do. You can grow it in a nano cube tank of 15cm X 15cm or a 6ft tank. However, to really appreciate the beauty of the fronds of the moss, I would suggest you use at least a 30cm(1ft) tank.

I use water that comes right out of my tap. The specification is shown here.

This is the part where the moss excel in. It can grow in different light levels. If the light level is just enough for you can see the moss in the tank, it is sufficient to support moss growth, though very slowly. I grow my moss very well with a 11W PC light over the 30cm tank. As a general rule, the higher the light, the faster the moss grow.

With or without additional fertilizer, the moss will still grow.

With or without additional CO2, the moss will still grow.

Water Temperature
In general, most of the mosses grows better in a slightly cooler water temperature of less than 28°C. The exception is Java Moss, which grows well even in higher temperature exceeding 30°C.

The beauty of the moss is best presented when it is grown attached to something, example, rocks, driftwood, or as a background moss wall. Though it will still grow even if you just dump it into a container, you can't really see the beauty of it. Compare the pictures of the fronds of the Peacock Moss below. The picture on the left shows what happens when it's grown loosely in a tank, and the one on the right is how nice it can be when attached to a log.

Peacock Moss - Taxiphullum sp.Peacock Moss - Taxiphullum sp.

In summary
There isn't a 'right' way to grow aquatic moss. You can invest in a high tech setup with auto CO2 controller, daily fertilization, and an MH lighting system. But for me, my mosses grow well with just a stripe of light, and light dose of fertilizer and Flourish Excel once in a while (whenever I remember).


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